I’m Emily, I’m twenty-three years old and I operate this blog. I bake too much, try to be funny, and love Jesus. I also love Mexican food, traveling, playing my guitar, and pretending that I like to exercise.

During the week, I teach elementary school, but on weekends I am in the kitchen cooking and baking yummy dishes and desserts. I began this blog in May of 2011, as a way to chronicle my culinary journey and expand my photography skills.  I would describe my blog as honest and elegant, and there’s something here to make everyone’s taste buds happy. I hope you find my blog inviting, fun and full of addictive recipes and photography!

What You Will Find

Easy-to-make recipes made with easy-to-find ingredients that will inspire you to cook at home, entertain guests, and enjoy spending time in your kitchen. You will also find the occasional DYI project, entertaining inspiration, and update on my travels.


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About the Writer, Photographer, and Chef

You’ll soon learn that I love avocado and a good margarita. But other than being totally obsessed with Mexican food, I am a 23-year-old elementary school teacher; amateur photographer; and self-taught “chef” [though I’m not sure we should take it that far].

Born and raised in a large suburb of southeast Michigan, I learned to walk, talk, cook, bake, and rearrange every single room in my parents’ house.Friends have referred to me as the Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, or even Susie-Homemaker of the group. And rather than to reject those claims, I have learned to proudly embrace them by feeding friends, family, neighbors, and on occasion, my labradoodle, Rusty [Rusty Doodle, if you wanna get crazy].

My childhood was full of experiences in the kitchen. And although I played kick-the-can with the rest of the neighborhood kids, I was always a bit different than the others. Like watching way more Food Network than I care to admit. I now enjoy spending time in the kitchen more than ever and can say with confidence that I was born to cook, bake and entertain, and document it all on whatever camera I haven’t yet broken.


Do you have specific questions or want to get in touch? Email me at dishntell [@] gmail [dot] com


23 responses to “About

  1. Terry Rienecke

    Hi Emily, So does this dishntell replace kummerings and kummerade or whatever the other blog was called. I love the name. You can add writing to your list of talents. I love reading your voice (you know what I mean, it is like being in the same room with you). Very proud of you. You go girl. Love, Aunt Terry

  2. Thanks Aunt Terry! And I’m not sure. I hope not. I’ve been wanting to start a recipe blog for a while so I know I’ll be posting in this frequently, but you can keep “Kummeriginal” bookmarked just in case ;).

  3. Geri

    Finally arrived @ your wonderful website. Can you spell TALENTED? Looking forward to all your postings. Geri Flannery

  4. ipegasus

    Fresh. Love this blog. xD

  5. Debbie Moceri

    Emi~ I love your blog and the photos- they are wonderful!
    I cant wait to make your zuchinni cookies, yummy .

    Keep cooking and spread the joy xo mrs mo

  6. Deb

    I must have each gained 5 lbs with that homemade butterfinger recipe!! LOL I better wait until I’m married to visit your site or my fiance might leave me!!! jk

  7. Nancy

    Very yummy rasberry sorbet! Keep the recipes coming!!

  8. Good to know you have a blog!! and more if is about food!! and gets better if you are obsessed with the mexican food!… ill send you some nice mexican recipes and pictures… =) miss you miss kummer!!
    Gerardo Cabal

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    • rienecket

      Congrats on being a nominee. Where and when do we vote and how many times can we vote?


      Terry Rienecke Sent from my iPad

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  11. jenyjohn

    Hi..I like your beautiful blog and I have nominated your for “The Versatile Blogger Award”. Please visit http://jenyjohn.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  12. Emily hello welcome to our blog, your drink remind me of the trip to the Caribbean recently made, pleasure to meet you, see you soon

  13. You’re super cute and I’m excited I now know about your blog!

  14. jenyjohn

    Thanks for following me Emily….:)

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