mother’s day gift guide

gift guide

Realistically, when considering everything they do for us, Mother’s Day should be a Mother’s Year. But there are fathers, grandparents, veterans, laborers, secretaries, world leaders, queens, kings, cupids, countries, pilgrims, presidents, pretzels, pi, free slurpees, and other things which still need our recognition, so unfortunately this isn’t possible. But I guess it’s still awesome to have this one day made special, which we shall spend thoughtfully showering the mother-figures in our lives with love and appreciation.

When I was in New York over the weekend, I saw plenty of cute cards for moms at the Chelsea Market, which got me inspired to put together a collection of mommy-worthy gifts. Ranging from cozy, to cheeky–practical, to pointless (or should I not admit that?), there is something here that I think just about every woman would enjoy receiving.

Though my mom’s Words with Friends game could really benefit from having that cute Scrabble dictionary, I have decided to get her a new address book and transfer over all of her contacts for her. Frankly, hers is falling apart (no exaggeration), and I can’t bare to see her have to rubberband it together any longer. It’s not the most exciting gift, but the thought makes it special because I don’t think my mom would have gotten around to copying hundreds of addresses over anytime soon. Mom, I love you, but let’s admit that your little readers are not up for this challenge.

Because my sweet tooth never leaves me alone, I will also be getting her some Edinburgh shortbread cookies–they are delicious, bite-sizingly adorable, and my mom’s favorite type of cookie. Some playful Mast Brothers chocolate bars in fun, graphic prints will make a nice addition, too. What woman doesn’t want chocolate with cute graphic designs???

Non-artsy skinny Minnies, don’t answer that.

Enjoy shopping for the lady who has made your life richer! My mother sure has. xo

1. Mother’s Day card / 2. Sabon NYC linen room spray / 3. Meyer Lemon gift set / 4. Vera Bradley address book / 5. A fun gold card deck /  6. House of Edinburgh shortbread cookies in a variety of flavors / 7. Ugg slippers / 8. Rifle Paper Co. shopping pad and recipe cards / 9. Official Scrabble dictionary / 10. Le Creuset dutch oven



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2 responses to “mother’s day gift guide

  1. Great collection! I think I need to direct my kids to this post! :)

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