cinco de mayo recipe round-up

cinco de mayo

I’m thankful for the diversity in America for multiple reasons. But being able to share in the action of St. Patrick’s Day, Bastille Day, and Cinco de Mayo is a definite perk. Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite festivities to celebrate–mostly for the margaritas and bounty of cervezas. But I also love the colors and the fact that the food and decor looks so fresh and summery. Whacking a piñata is pretty fun, too.

1. strawberry-tequila cooler / 2. margarita cookies with a salt-sugar rim / 3. crock pot steak tacos / 4. the best guacamole / 5. tequila pink drink / 6. stuffed jalapeños / 7. cayenne chicken with avocado (not pictured)



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2 responses to “cinco de mayo recipe round-up

  1. Great round-up and gorgeous pictures. Have a great Cinco de Mayo!

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