trending tuesdays — spring jewels



I love this season’s shamelessly sparkly jewels. In sherbet hues, they look almost good enough to eat–like a candy necklace. My all-time favorite is J. Crew’s color mix statement necklace. It looks youthful like something I could have worn as a child, but sophisticated enough that Jackie Kennedy would have totally rocked it.

1. Tom Binns Soft Power Necklace, $3,010 (

2. Color Mix Statement Necklace, $165 (

3. Neon Rose Crystal Necklace, $129 (

4. Pastel Ziegfeld Necklace, $36 (



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3 responses to “trending tuesdays — spring jewels

  1. Have a necklace for you! It’s called dreamsicle. From Premier Designs, of course.

  2. Love the 3rd one! Looks like it can be worn with dressy jeans as well as a cocktail dress. Versatile!

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