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Tomorrow I leave for New York City on an extended-weekend trip. I’m not always a huge fan of cities, but New York City is an exceptionally awesome place to visit–tourists can find endless photo opportunities among the many attractions, enjoy museums or a Broadway show, and explore the thousands of hidden restaurants, jazz clubs, cafes, and bakeries. This weekend, I am particularly looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms in full-bloom, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge during sunset.

Although I’ve seen my fair share of women strutting their heels down Wall Street, anything other than a tennis shoe is simply unideal for me when trekking block to block. For a comfortable, yet feminine look, I chose to pair a structured, dotted dress with a pair of crisp, white sneakers. Wearing this, I feel casual and comfortable, yet still somehow pulled together. An umbrella, scarf and sunglasses are generally a good idea for the often unpredictable spring weather.  A small, vintage camera is lightweight and easy to carry, and allows for lots of photography without looking like a complete tourist (although, if you’ve ever seen me rollin’ with my tripod, you know that this has clearly never been an issue for me).

  1. Kate Spade umbrella, $78
  2. A.R. Trapp sunglasses, $450
  3. Drake’s scarf, $210
  4. FACE Stockholm nail polish, $10
  5. Lomography Diana camera, $65
  6. Jack Purcell sneakers, $60
  7. J.Crew dot dress, $178

*skyline graphic from Never a Dull Moment


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