clothes pin message tutorial

Valentine’s Day is…yesss…such a commercial holiday. My boyfriend even refuses to celebrate it because he hates the hoopla. I have to admit. It’s kind of silly. But I’m a sucker for hearts and candy.


So every year, instead of buying boxes of expensive candies and roses, I try to make my wallet happy by making homemade cards and chocolates. Valentine’s Day prices are always inflated so it’s more affordable to make your own gifts. And a homemade gift is always more special anyway.


When I saw this cute idea online I knew I wanted to try one for V-Day. I have always loved the vintage feel of clothes pins and I think this idea is just so clever. I loved how it turned out and I’ll be mailing one to my boyfriend with some cinnamon jelly hearts, a devotional that I bought for each of us, and a super cute card that I…b. b. bought. (guilty. couldn’t help it. it’s adorable.) Even though he’s a stubborn German man who will totttally boycott Valentine’s Day until he’s an (even more stubborn) old man, I know he’ll smile. Who will you make a clothes pin message for, and what will your message say?





These are as simple to make as they look and you can find a full tutorial here. All you need is: a clothes pin, scissors, a piece of white paper,  markers, and strong glue. I used a hot glue gun because, well, it’s instant. and I’m impatient.

  1. Cut a rectangular shape out white paper that is a bit bigger than the mouth of the pin when opened.
  2. Trim the top and bottom to match the “wedge” shape that the pin makes when opened.
  3. Fold the top and bottom of this oversized piece and write your message in between the creases you just made.
  4. Glue these flaps onto the top and bottom of the pin–glue it when the pin is opened so the message is nice and taut.
  5. To finish, trace the pin head and cut out a rectangle the same size.
  6. Decorate the rectangle to look like a cute envelope.
  7. Chop it evenly down the center and use a glue gun to adhere one half onto each of the “teeth” of the pin.
  8. And there you go! I love this idea. Enjoy it and enjoy giving them to the ones you care about.


{Love wins.}



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2 responses to “clothes pin message tutorial

  1. Bring back wooden clothes pegs! This is so lovely! Making something yourself for any day of the year is precious. :)

  2. wow that’s very it!

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