flourless chocolate cake with olive oil and sea salt

As I’ve made obnoxiously clear in the short two months of this blog’s existence, I am a huge fan of avocado. But, I am proud to say that, like (most) every other girl on the planet, my first love is, and will forever be, Chocolate (I capitalize because he’s like a friend). And one never forgets their first love.

Considering this, it’s weird to think that chocolate used to be extremely high on my quit-list, but refined sugars and most dairies do the opposite of wonders on internal health (and no one, including myself, wants to look like the old lady that ate chocolate for breakfast for the last 40 years–so I hope Fiber One bars don’t count). But then I asked myself, what kind of a crazy person gives up chocolate? It’s simply not in our (female) DNA to turn our backs on something so comforting and dear to our hearts. After all, what did chocolate ever do to us but throw a life raft into a sea of post-breakup misery? Nothing. So, I convinced that myself that when eaten in moderation, it may actually be good for us provide us with one or two nutritional benefits.

In terms of health, studies say that dark chocolate may actually improve DNA resistance to oxidative stress. Now, granted I don’t completely know what that means, but junk food improving resistance to ANY kind of stress is awesome in my book. Another health benefit includes cocoa’s flavonol antioxidants–the healthy things (technical term) found in fruits and vegetables which are derived from the fermented seeds of the cacao plant.

See? It’s as beneficial as broccoli (lies). And worst case scenario (if all of that turns out to be a load of cocoa), then just roll with this: Chocolate makes us happy. Happiness helps us live longer. Chocolate = longevity (said the baker trying to justify an addiction).

Okay, okay, so I might be just a little too keen on the cocoa bean, but I’m not crazy. I’ll be the first woman to admit that this cake is not one to be inhaled, indulged in, nor enjoyed in large portions–it doesn’t matter how hungry you are, what time of the month it is, or how much you think you like can’t live without chocolate. This cake, I guarantee you, Donald-Trumps any other dessert you’ve ever tried. It is 10x richer than Daddy Warbucks and average humans should only consume it in moderate portions (and yes I used Donald’s name as a verb).

To make the cake I used semi-sweet chocolate chips, or more commonly known as dark chocolate. All this means is that there is half the amount of sugar as there is cocoa. Dark chocolate is also free of milk (strangely enough they save that for the milk chocolate), but there is, however, fat. Cocoa butter. This is what gives dark chocolate bars that creaminess we love and transforms it from a powder to a solid so we don’t choke. Like when you failed to completely stir your Nesquick as a kid, for instance. Whoops! Coughcoughghgh.

This cake only requires 3 ingredients: chocolate, eggs, and butter, and because there are so few ingredients I recommend choosing a quality chocolate chip, such as Ghiradelli or Jacque Torres, so that you and your guests will actually enjoy eating it. Godiva has a good selection of chocolates, too, but there’s no need to do that kind of monetary damage. Maybe if we were Donald trump, but this cake is rich, even if we aren’t.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

(Recipe from 6inthemorningside, yields 1 medium-sized cake) 

1 lb semi-sweet chocolate chips

2 sticks of unsalted butter

8 eggs

Coarse sea salt

Olive oil

Start off by placing all of the eggs in a large mixing bowl and mixing on HIGH for five minutes. The eggs will double in volume and develop a foamy layer on top. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate and butter together, either in a double-boiler or in the microwave. Slowly incorporate the egg mixture into the melted chocolate with a spatula, folding it over the eggs until they are mostly incorporated. You should see only a few streaks of egg along the top by the time you are finished. Be careful not to over mix (this will give it the fluffy, cheesecake-like texture). Scrape the batter into a round cake dish lined with parchment paper (trust me, you’ll need the parchment paper!). Place the cake pan in bath of boiling water until the water comes up at least halfway up the pan. Bake at 325 for 30 minutes, or until the cake reaches an internal temperature of 140F. It will appear soupy, but you need not worry. Leave in fridge for 6-8 hours (or overnight) prior to serving and the texture will be perfect. Finish with sea salt and olive oil, or drizzle with chocolate and confectioner’s sugar. Oh, and to clear up any confusion, this cake isn’t healthy :). But it’s downright delicious.



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  3. So glad you had success with this recipe! And thanks for the shout out ;)

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